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I am coming along/bringing my child for the first time, what should be worn?

For trial dance lessons we recommend that you/your child wear clothes that allow comfortable movement. After the trial lesson, if you decide to formally register your child, the school’s uniform may be purchased directly from the school or please contact us for more details.

Can I join midway through a term?

Children may register at the dance school at any time during the term and fees for that term will be adjusted accordingly. We do not want children to have to wait what could be several weeks before joining us.

From what age are children allowed to join the school?

Children can join the school from 3 years old for ballet, 4 years for Tap, 5 years for Jazz and Acrobatic Arts and 10 years for Contemporary Dance.

Do you cater for children with special needs?

All children are welcome at the school, including children with a disability. Children with disabilities or special needs are still able to enter performance examinations. Please feel free to contact the school to discuss any special requirements.

I already attend another school for some classes; may I join your school for lessons?

In line with generally accepted dance school etiquette, we do not take pupils who are already pupils of another dance school. The School aims to be as ethical as possible toward our fellow teachers and ask all prospective pupils if they have given the required notice before being accepted into the school.

How are fees charged? May I pay on a weekly basis?

Fees are paid on a term basis but pupils are able to attend trial classes before they commit to the full terms fees.


Do you follow school terms or are the classes arranged differently?"

Yes. As closely as possible the school’s calendar follows school term dates. We do take half term breaks to ensure the children have the opportunity to rest. Please refer to timetable for more details.

Do you have dance classes during the school holidays?

There are occasions when we hold workshops during holidays, but this is usually for pupils who are preparing for examinations.


Do you offer private tuition?

We do offer private tuition; this is normally for solo dances / competitions and in preparation for examinations. As far as normal Syllabus classes are concerned, if a pupil needs extra coaching we can offer such lessons. However, in normal circumstances, we will do our very best to accommodate the needs of the individual within the regular classes.


May I watch lessons?

Not every week. Parents, grandparents, siblings and other close relatives are welcome to view the childrens' progress on a regular basis.


Do pupils have to take examinations?

Examinations (through the Royal Academy of Dance or the IDTA) are offered to all pupils but are not mandatory. The school believes in giving pupils the opportunity to express themselves, their talents and feel a sense of achievement through the examination process.

However, the school would in no way hold any child back in their development should the chose not to undertake exams. The school is very proud of its extremely impressive success rate in all disciplines across all ages. 

The vast majority of results have been in the highest award bands for an impressive 27 years of the school. 

Joanna Mardon School of Dance - International Dance Teachers Association membership
Our teachers are registered members of the International Dance Teachers Association and teach the syllabus alongside free creative non-syllabus classes.
Joanna Mardon School of Dance - Royal Academy of Dance membership
Our teachers are registered members of the Royal Academy of Dance and teach the syllabus with safe, structured & progressive training for all levels.
Joanna Mardon School of Dance licensed to play recorded music
Joanna Mardon School of Dance is licensed to play recorded music.
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