Alex Scott-Warren

Contemporary and Senior Ballet teacher 

Alex Scott-Warren - Contemporary and Senior Ballet teacher at Joanna Mardon School of Dance.

I started dancing with Jo when I was 3. In the 16 years I was at the dance school I went from Pre-Primary Ballet to Advanced 1.

During this time, I danced at every chance, during my lunch breaks at school and participating in my local pantomime.

Whilst at Exeter College, I participated in their dance programme which was my first taste of choreographing and dancing styles other than Ballet.  Alongside this, I helped with the Contemporary and Acro classes before going to university to study psychology.

Whilst at university, I was part of the competitive dance club on the Ballet and Wildcard teams for all three years of my studies. I was the club’s competitive ballet soloist for the 21/22 season and part of the competitive contemporary trio for the 22/23 season, both of which I choreographed myself. On the Wildcard team (a category where any genre can be performed) I had the opportunity to perform multiple styles of dance such as Afrobeats, Waacking/Tutting, Latin, Contemporary, Commercial and Lyrical. Dancing and choreographing at university allowed me to learn and hone many skills that I look forward to teaching everyone!

When I returned to help with the 2022 show, I knew I wanted to return to the dance school in some capacity, so I leapt at the first opportunity to do so. Dance was one of, if not the most, enjoyable constant I had during my childhood — I will always be thankful to everyone who taught me over the years.

I hope that I can now give the current students at the school the same wonderful experience I had.

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