Acrobatic Arts Classes -Update

We are delighted at the success of these classes which started in September and are now fully booked for the Spring 2020 term.

We are working towards certification this term.

More details on the Acrobatic Arts Website here

Dance School Acro Uniform is now available via the website here


As the world of dance continues to change, we are seeing more flexible dancers incorporating acrobatic elements into their routines. This class will progress your dancer through levels that help her increase her flexibility and gain the strength needed to safely and correctly perform acrobatic and tumbling skills. This is a unique program. It is focused on safety and excellence in technique. The levels are designed to allow students to progress only when they are physically ready. This ensures that your daughter’s body remains healthy and minimizes the potential for injury. Instructors certified through “Acrobatic Arts” teach classes.


Acro-dance is not the same as gymnastics. A dancer must complete all of the skills on the hard stage without the advantage of a sprung floor. While some of the tumbling skills might look the same, they are taught differently to compensate for the different conditions. Acro-dance teaches tumbling movement that can be seamlessly integrated into choreography in your child’s dance classes.

Monday at Clyst Heath Primary School

Juniors 5.00-5.45pm (Ages 6-10 years)

Seniors 5.45-6.45pm (11 years upwards)

Joanna Mardon School of Dance - International Dance Teachers Association membership
Our teachers are registered members of the International Dance Teachers Association and teach the syllabus alongside free creative non-syllabus classes.
Joanna Mardon School of Dance - Royal Academy of Dance membership
Our teachers are registered members of the Royal Academy of Dance and teach the syllabus with safe, structured & progressive training for all levels.
Joanna Mardon School of Dance licensed to play recorded music
Joanna Mardon School of Dance is licensed to play recorded music.
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