Phoebe Hartley-Norton

Saturday Junior Ballet Assistant

Phoebe Hartley-Norton - Ballet & Tap Dance Assistant Joanna Mardon Schoolf of Dance

I have always loved dancing. I got my very first Ballet shoes and tutu aged 2 and danced as much as I could in front of ‘The Wiggles’ on TV.

I started Ballet lessons when I was 3 years old and then Tap and Modern shortly after.

I am now studying GCSE Dance at school and hope to study it at A Level too.

I joined the Joanna Mardon School of Dance when I was 7, after attending Miss Jo’s fantastic Summer School in 2013 and wanting to take my dance education more seriously. In Ballet, I study vocational/pointe and am working towards my Grade 7 Ballet exam. I am also in Advanced Jazz. I enjoy the structure of the lessons; they are fun and friendly, but we are also expected to work hard so that we can get the best out of them. I love performing and look forward to the school’s dance shows. It’s a chance for us to shine, show off our skills and entertain our family and friends. The exams are another way to do this and our hard work always yields great results. I also love dancing for the physical and mental health benefits. Dance helps me in so many ways and gives me so much pleasure.

I started assisting with Ballet classes on a Saturday for my DofE and then bought some Tap shoes so I could join in with assisting the Tap classes too. I was delighted when Miss Jo asked me to continue as one of her Dance Assistants. I just love working with the younger dancers and sharing my love of dance with them. There is some super talent blossoming and their enthusiasm is so infectious.

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