Jessica Yates – Senior Ballet Assistant

Jessica Yates - Junior Ballet Assistant at Joanna Mardon School of Dance, Exeter, Devon

My name Jessica Yates and I have just completed my GCSEs St.Peters C of E school and will be attending Exeter College from September 2018. Whilst at school I ran a lunch time dance club and completed a GCSE in dance, as this is something that I am passionate about and wish to develop a career in.

I have been a pupil at the dance school for 12 years and am currently in Advanced 2 jazz, Advanced Ballet and Grade 8 Ballet. One of the most rewarding things about dance, in my opinion, is being able to see that all of your hard work and commitment was worth it. This is shown in the excellent exam results we all achieve and in the dance show, which we all look forward to so much.

I hope to pass on my love of dance to other members of the school, including the younger students that I enjoy assisting on Saturday mornings.