Caroline Anstead

Freestyle Jazz/Street & Acrobatic Arts Specialist

Caroline Anstead - Freestyle Jazz-Street & Acrobatic Arts Specialist at Joanna Mardon School of Dance

IDTA Associate (Tap)
Acrobatic Arts Certified Teacher
Qualified Zumba Instructor

Being the youngest of three siblings who attended regular dance classes it was inevitable I was going to dance.

I started lessons at the age of 2 in RAD ballet, IDTA tap, freestyle and ballroom. I had the freestyle bug, so my sisters and I starting entering IDTA competitions at the age of 5.

I started rhythmic gymnastics at 8 and became national champion as part of a team in Ribbon at Crystal Palace. As a teenager, I wanted to gain more experience so started more dance classes in Jazz.

Around this time I started my first dance contract aged 14. My sister had a contract dancing abroad and it overlapped an existing contract in Torquay, I was very fortunate to get the job. I performed in a show 2 nights per week for 3 months. I also participated in competitions with a group called ‘En masse’ for 5 years, where we reached the National finals twice.

GCSE dance was my first taste of contemporary dance, I enjoyed it but wanted to learn more, so I attended Exeter College to study A-level dance. I had an amazing 2 years learning so many aspects of dance, from choreography, notation, technique and performance.

Through my teenage years I performed in pantomimes and this is when I decided I didn’t want it to end and looked at continuing dancing.

I started as an assistant teacher for Jayne Tolliday and then Joanna Mardon. I was a swing dancer for a hotel in Torquay, a dancer for an ‘Elvis Tribute’, a dancer then dance captain, then assistant manger for Haven, and a dancer for a ‘Robbie William’s’ tribute. I then went on to choreograph 4 national shows for Haven, ‘Let it rock’, ‘Strictly Disco’, ‘Summer High’ and ‘Summer High 2’.

Once I stopped dancing I started to train as a fitness instructor gaining my Exercise to Music and Gym instructors. I worked at a gym in Wales for 2 years before moving back to Exeter where I worked as a Multi Fitness Coach for Active Devon based in East Devon secondary schools. I also worked for Dance in Devon as a Youth Dance Practitioner for North Devon. Around this time

I started back at Joanna Mardon School of Dance covering Miss Amy’s maternity leave. Present day, I’m a mum to 2 gorgeous boys. I teach various fitness classes such as Zumba, Body Pump, and combat for LED and Exeter university as well as Tap, Jazz and Acro for Miss Jo.

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