Alexandria Scott-Warren, ACRO & Contemporary Dance Assistant

Alexandria Scott-Warren, ACRO & Contemporary Dance Assistant, Joanna Mardon School of Dance, Exeter, Devon

My name is Alexandria Scott-Warren and I am in my third year at Exeter College studying Environmental Science and fast-tracking Sociology. In June, I finished two of my A-levels; Drama & Theatre and Psychology. Alongside this, I took my Intermediate Ballet examination, in which I gained a merit. I achieved Grade 8 Ballet last year and now take Advanced Ballet classes.

I assist Miss Caroline with the new Acrobatic Arts classes and Miss Charmaine with the Contemporary and Adult Ballet classes on a weekly basis.

I have been a student at the school for 15 years and now relish in passing on my knowledge to the younger pupils. All the pupils work so very hard and this can be seen in their excellent exam results and the brilliant dances they perform in the show. It is a privilege to teach my fellow students and watch them grow as dancers from week to week; they constantly inspire me to become a better dancer.